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2024 Service to the Citizen® 
Award Winners

Category 1:

Building a Customer-Focused Culture

U.S. Department of Defense​

U.S. Navy

MyNavy Career Center (MNCC)

John Grill

Customer Experience Officer

Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Program: 

Online Uniformed Services Identification (USID) Card Renewal Capability

Michael Zarlenga

Credential Modernization Program Manager, DMDC

Ashley Andrews

Credentialing Branch Chief, DMDC


Aimee Schrechengost

Cardstock Program Manager, DMDC

Victorine Renteria-Silva

RAPIDS Product Owner, DMDC

J. Ross Gornik

Technology Program Manager, GPO


Stan Stosh

Kukoski, Group Chief, GPO

Robert Cave

Journeyman Bookbinder, GPO

Michael Dotson

Army Project Officer, USA


Edwin Yoder

Air Force DEERS Project Officer, USAF

Erika Marks

Navy Project Officer, USN

Mary Stroz

Marine Corps Service Project Officer


Neavaly Touray

NOAA Project Officer, NOAA

Jacqueline Helms


Mary Boone

USPHS DEERS Project Officer, USPHS

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Center for Medicare (CM)

Provider Communications Group (PCG)

Amy Abel-Matkins

Director, Provider-Contractor Communications Group, CMS

Alikia Mack

COR, Medicare Customer Experience Program, CMS CM PCG

Dave Shellem

Contact Center Lead, CMS CM PCG

Leah Lewis

Digital Lead, CMS CM PCG

Paul Zawicki

Director, Provider-Contractor Communications Group, CMS

Lee Condron

Business Analyst, CMS CM PCG

Gary Warczack

Business Analyst, CMS CM PCG

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Sanjeev Bhagowalia

Assistant Commissioner, OIT and CBP CIO

CBP Experience Lead

Janet Pence

Acting Director, CBP Experience (CBPX)

National Recruitment Division

Julie Chae


 Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Shared Services Pilot Program Cybersecurity Division

Rachel Kelly

Deputy Chief, Cybersecurity Shared Services, CISA


Kyle Parks

Team Lead, Cybersecurity Division, CISA

Caroline Simmons

Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity Division, CISA

Amanda Calamari

Senior Analyst, Cybersecurity Division, CISA

Linda Kantz

Branch Chief, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Rick Rossi

Cybersecurity Advisor, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Rahul Mittal

Cybersecurity Advisor, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Joe Parker

Cybersecurity Advisor, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Stephanie Watt

Cybersecurity State Coordinator, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Deron McElroy

Cybersecurity Advisor, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

David Sondheim

Cybersecurity Advisor, Integrated Operations Division, CISA

Justin Rinck

Section Chief, Stakeholder Engagement Division, CISA

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Federal Housing Administration

Single Family Housing Resource Center

Julie Shaffer

Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing


Anthony Triolo

Lance Litty

Tom Longo

Karol Jensen

Laurence Owens

Gyasi Martin

Social Security Administration

Customer Experience Team

Kim Baldwin-Sparks

Customer Experience Officer


Paul Funk

CX Program Architect

Gabe Hill

Journey Team Lead

Jenna Hase

CX Service Designer

Sarah Ward

CX Journey Analyst

Kori VanDeWalle

Senior CX Analyst

Joseph (Ryan) Boggs

Management & Program Analyst

Jeff Caplan

Deputy OT

Office of Research, Demonstration and

Employment Support

Robert Pfaff

Laura York

Social Security Office

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Taxpayer Services

Kevin Morehead

Deputy Commissioner

Information Technology (IT) Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) Individual Online Account

Robert King
Project Director Individual Online Account

Charles S. Smith

Technical Advisor


Lori A. Tompkins

Executive Assistant

Susan Watkins

Staff Assistant

Maryann Wu

Senior Manager of Program Management & Integration

Brian K. Wright

Senior Manager of Delivery Integration

James Graham

Frontline Manager of Strategy & Planning


James Steadman

Frontline Manager of Integration Planning

James Cobb

Frontline Manager of Delivery-Project Team A

Robert McKenzie

Frontline Manager of Delivery-Project Team B

Samuel Sanchez

Info Tech Specialist

Sean Polk

Info Tech Specialist


Thomas Becraft

IT Specialist


Kalan Nelson

IT Specialist


Samuel Woodall

IT Program Manager

Kim Vejarano

IT Tech Specialist

Derrick McGriff

IT Program Manager

Biraj Bista

Program Analyst

William Gilbert

Program Analyst

William Leonard

IT Project Manager

Thomas Johnson

IT Program Manager

Ji-Sun Lee

IT Specialist

Vinaya Damineni

IT Program Manager

Aaron Frazer

IT Tech Specialist

Babatunde Akingbemi Program Analyst


Venkata Atluri

IT Tech Project Manager

Hong Tai

IT Specialist

Ramu Sadula

IT Specialist

Deborah Jones

Program Analyst

Shareka Galloway

Program Analyst

Denise Forbes

IT Specialist 

Linjuan Zhang

IT Specialist

Irina Heidt

IT Program Manager

Adewale Toyinbo

IT Project Manager

Kristina Brinson

IT Program Manager

Alok Shastry

IT Program Manager

Tanzin Alam

IT Tech Specialist

Jonathon Garland

IT Specialist

Israel A. Morales

IT Specialist

Walter Ritter

IT Tech Specialist

Beverley Dixon

IT Tech Specialist

Frank Bartlett

IT Specialist

Trenise Q. Kelly

IT Specialist

Gauri Chande

IT Program Manager

Jim D. Keith

Director, Business Online Account

Terry L. Hansen

Supervisory Information Technology Specialist

Benjamin J Houdeshell Supervisory IT Specialist

Jayasree Budaraju Supervisory IT Specialist

Erek S. Borowski

Computer Scientist

Don W. Ward

IRS IT EPMO Individual Online Account

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning

Evan Davis

Training and Engagement Lead, VHA Strategic Initiatives Lab

Veterans Experience Office (VEO)

Enterprise Measurement & Design
Jonathan Pruett
Customer Experience Strategist



Nicola Hall


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