SERVICE to the CITIZEN  Awards
Champions of Change

Selection Committee Process


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A winner of a Service to the Citizen® Award is chosen from a selection committee compromised of industry and former federal executives that have held senior level positions in government and understand the importance of delivering services to the citizens.  

1.  Strong commitment to citizen services and improving government services
2.  Demonstrated excellence in improving the lives of the public through improved services
3.  Nominee(s) have direct or indirect impact on the government's services
    (e.g., internal customer experience, external customer experience, employee engagement)

4.  Demonstrated results that are captured in the nomination
5.  Demonstrated best practice that can be leveraged by other agencies or governments
6.  Open to federal, state, local or international governments and their industry partners
All winners have been selected and will be recognized at a luncheon on September 22, 2021 at the Willard InterContinental. 



Alan Balutis

Director, IBSG at Cisco Systems, Inc.


Greg Giddens

Partner, Potomac Ridge Consulting, LLC


Martha Dorris

Founder of Dorris Consulting International


MaryAnn Monroe

Senior Director of Customer Experience, Maximus Federal


Frank McDonough

Author of Spring Training for the Major Leagues of Government


Jim Williams

GovConRx Advisory Board Member


Bob Woods

Founder & President of Topside Consulting Group