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Nominate a Champion of Change

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Do you know someone who goes above and beyond to provide citizens with impeccable customer experience?  Then this is YOUR chance to recognize all those deserving public servants.

These services would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our public servants and their industry partners. Federal employees are responsible for many noteworthy and inspiring accomplishments that are seldom recognized or celebrated. These heroes work tirelessly to provide services that improve lives of Americans. These services can include helping to provide benefits and services to live the American dream (e.g., start small businesses, own a home, go to college or enter the U.S). Protecting the health and safety of our transportation system, borders, food system, environment and workers is one of the core functions of government. As the government touches the lives of veterans, seniors, students, travelers, businesses and victims of national disaster, let’s recognize those heroes that make it a reality.  

Tips for submitting a Nomination

  1. Start drafting the nomination early to allow enough time to seek permission from references.

  2. The nomination should tell a compelling story. Describe the impact that the individual or team had on customers or employees.

  3. Always include what the person or team did that was extraordinary.

  4. Include metrics to demonstrate impact. Try to include the numbers that demonstrate the significance of the nominee’s work or accomplishments (i.e. the number of participants/recipients, or the amount of money or resources saved.)

  5. Ask the reference(s) before including someone’s name on the nomination. References should have a direct knowledge of the work and impact of the nominee.



If you have any questions or to submit your nominations, please contact

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