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Thomas Romeo is being recognized for 40 years of dedicated leadership, much of it in industry serving public sector customers.  He is an enthusiastic champion of change and has a passion for service. During his time at Maximus, Tom has been an example of dedication to helping deliver better government services to citizens. His unique ability to build strong bridges between industry and government with his history of championing delivery excellence has made an impact on the industry partners and agencies that he has worked with. As Maximus Federal grew over the past few years, Tom always advocated for better service to customers and to the citizens he and his team serve.  He always led with patience, confidence and transparency. Tom’s leadership epitomized high standards of customer-focused services with a compassionate and empathetic manner.


In parallel, Tom has also been an industry spokesperson and leader in creating programs and contracts with an outcomes focused approach. Creating contracts, programs and services based on the intended outcomes of the programs for the citizens they serve, is an innovative idea that Tom has long been an advocate for. Tom has championed this modern citizen focused approach to create lasting change for missions and the citizens they serve. 


Many leaders come and go in this industry each year and many leaders make an impact on their respective businesses and in the community. Someone once said that “The real power of a leader is in the number of minds he can reach, hearts he can touch, souls he can move, and lives he can change.” During this past year, due to COVID-19 Tom’s leadership was exemplary, steadfast, and sometimes even had life changing impact and efforts with service to citizens during this unprecedented time in our nation. Whether his teams were responding to citizens and healthcare teams with urgent calls and questions at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), delivering COVID test results at the HHS Test Result Center, supporting the Internal Revenue Service’s customer care centers, supporting the mission of Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s citizen health insurance mission, helping students and families with the status of Federal Student Aid loans, the mission of servicing citizens during these uncertain times was at the front burner for Tom.


Tom was an early trailblazer in his career around citizen services and in this Federal market exemplifying a leader focused mindset for delivering better services to citizens. He is that champion of change that has positively impacted his customers and their agencies, the citizens of our nation and the thousands of employees that he leads. He has created a history and successful career with demonstrable achievements that this Service to Citizen award is built on. “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own example” John Wooden.


Tom’s commitment to excellence in the delivery of services that impacts not only the public's lives but those lives of his employees and an impact on the community and the next generation. Tom has been a constant and steadfast supporter of the work across the government on delivering better citizen services, and has given his wholehearted support and complete support of this team, this organization, and overall, to this citizen services mission.



General Manager & President,
Maximus Federal

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