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Dr. Colleen Wieck is a tireless advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities, with a career spanning over 40 years. As Executive Director of the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD), she has championed their rights and inclusion, driving positive change in policies and services.


Under Dr. Wieck's leadership, the GCDD created the influential Partners in Policymaking program, training thousands of individuals and families to effectively advocate at all levels of government. She has also introduced innovative tools like the "Telling Your Story" app and the Autism Help App for Emergencies, improving communication and support for those with developmental disabilities.


Dr. Wieck's initiatives, including the "Independence to Inclusion" documentary, the Ambassadors for Respect anti-bullying program, and the Treat People Like People awareness campaign, have raised awareness and promoted empathy, creating a more inclusive society. Her advocacy has influenced state and federal laws, expanding access and opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through her relentless efforts, they have gained a stronger voice in decision-making processes and achieved greater independence and productivity.


Dr. Wieck's dedication has had a profound impact on the public, empowering individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and ensuring their inclusion in society. Her legacy of advocacy continues to shape policies and improve the lives of countless individuals across Minnesota and beyond.

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Executive Director,
Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities
Department of Administration

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