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2022 SERVICE to the CITIZEN® 
Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Service to the Citizen® Award Winners!
To learn more about the winners stories, click on their name.
Government Executive of the Year
Dr. Patricia Hayes
Chief Officer
Office of Women's Health
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Industry Executive of the Year
Jim Gayhart
Former President
Senture, LLC.
Lifetime Achievement for Delivering Service to the Citizens
CAPT Joshua Devine
U.S. Public Health Service
Regional Health Administrator
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Retired)
CX Trailblazer

Nicole Callahan

Data Analyst - Customer Insights

Student Experience & Aid Delivery

Federal Student Aid

U.S. Department of Education

Rising Star of the Year

Amy Fong

Mathematical Statistician

Office of Disability Employment Policy

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDA Office of Customer Experience


Simchah Suveyke-Bogin

Chief Customer Experience Officer

General Services Administration

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition Program

Jacob Parcell

Innovation Portfolio Director Leads:

Ammie Farraj Feijoo Manager, 

U.S. General Services Administration

Jarah Meador

Director of Open Innovation,

U.S. General Services Administration

Toni Bonitto Content & Platform Lead

U.S. General Services Administration


Community Leads:

Web Managers CoP Managers:

Ruxandra (Ruxi) Giura

Web Content Specialist,

Federal Communications Commission

Beth A. Martin

Digital Services Expert

Office of Personnel Management

Tori Garten

Chief, New Media and Web Policy Branch,

National Institutes of Health

Plain Language CoP Managers:

Katherine Spivey

Co-Lead, Plain Language Community of Practice,

U.S. General Services Administration

Katina Rae Stapleton

Program Officer,

U.S. Department of Education

Multilingual CoP Managers:

Laura Godfrey

Co-Lead, Multilingual Community of Practice,

U.S. General Services Administration

Fedora Braverman

Digital Information Specialist,

National Cancer Institute

National Institutes of Health


UX CoP Managers:

Jean Fox

Research Psychologist,

Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Silvia Salazar

UX Researcher,

National Cancer Institute / National Institutes of Health


Government Contact Center Council (G3C) Managers:

Meghan Daly

Director, Contact Center Center of Excellence (CoE),

U.S. General Services Administration

Tim Cossairt

Branch Manager - Operations Analysis

National Transportation Vetting Center/Vetting Analysis Division

Transportation Security Administration


Program Support:

Laurie Chidlow

Senior Consultant,

Wheelhouse Group

Alex Schulte

 Senior Management Consultant,

Wheelhouse Group

Gabby Fratanduono

Senior Consultant,

Wheelhouse Group

Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention

COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline

Patrick McLoughlin

Vice President of Operations,


Bradford A. Myers, MPH

Senior Advisor, Division of Digital Media (proposed)

Nancy E. Lindsey

CDC-INFO Contracts-IT Business Specialist (Acquisition)


Rachel Ciccarone, MPH

CDC-INFO Operations Lead

Angeline Boey, MPH

CDC-INFO Operations Lead

Tom Naughton

President, Federal Health Services.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA COVID-19 Vaccination Support Team

Sharon Edwards

Supervisory Contract Specialist


Erich Ducote

Contract Specialist


Monique Park

Program Manager/Contracting Officer’s Representative


Simon McMaster

Logistics Management Specialist


Andrew Lucaciu 

Supervisory Emergency Management Specialist

CDR Christopher Lim

Commander (Technical Advisor from HRSA)


Spenser Sams

Supervisory Program Analyst (Procurement Advisor)


Jessica Quinones

Portfolio Manager

(Procurement Advisor)


Scott E. Simpson

Digital Transformation Lead

(Procurement Innovation Coach from the DHS Procurement Innovation Lab)

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Inspections Team

Ashley Sheriff

Deputy Assistant Secretary


Brenda Johnson-Turner

Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for REAC Services


Brian Fitzpatrick

Director, External Shared Services


George Lembrick

REAC Manager


Adrienne Datcher

Director, Coordination and Compliance Division, OFO


Freda Lewis

REAC – Inspection Standards & Data for Voucher (ISDV) Division


Michelle Roach

Management Information Specialist

Jamey Arcara

Supervisory General Engineer


Jeffrey Power

National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE)


Wendy McCoy

 Deputy Director for IT


Marta Juaniza

Public Affairs Specialist


Samuel Tuffour

PASS Manager


Robert Iber

 Advisor, Northeast Regional Directors Office


Charles Eldridge


Ethan Handelman

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Multifamily Housing

U.S. Department of Justice

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
and Explosives (ATF)

NeKeisha Philippeaux

Acting Chief

Web Media Branch

Hadiza Buge

Deputy Division Chief

Digital Media

Abigail Bowman

Chief (Former)

Web Media Branch

Scott Armstrong Cezar

Web Development Specialist (Former)

Web Media Branch

Nancy Clarke

Program Manager

Office of Chief Counsel

Devin Fensterheim

Digital Identity Program Manager


Venkata Alluri

IT Specialist, Tester

Cameron Anderson

IT Specialist, Product Owner

Blene Bekure

IT Specialist, Analyst

Markes Blackwell

IT Specialist, Analyst

Vivian Chan

IT Specialist, Tester

Chandra Chilamkurthi

IT Specialist, Tester


Christopher Cleveland

IT Specialist, Team leader


Daniel Cullinan

 IT Specialist, Analyst


Brandon Deimel

IT Specialist, Tester

Jerrold Fox

IT Specialist, Developer

Josh Franey

IT Specialist, Developer

Emilio Frederick

IT Specialist, Team leader

Mary Jeng

IT Specialist, Developer

Anuprita Khedkar

IT Specialist, analyst

Tim Koo

IT Specialist, Developer

Jeremy Linzer

IT Specialist, Solutions Architect

Amanda Miller

IT Specialist, 508

Chatel Madison

IT Specialist, Team leader

Jennifer Mowery

IT Specialist, Tester

Marvin Naumann

IT Specialist, Developer

Quang Nguyen

IT Specialist, Tester

Abdullah Osman

IT Specialist, Analyst

Pratichi Panda

IT Specialist, UXG

Mamatha Pusulri

IT Specialist, Tester

Stephen Rook

IT Specialist, Developer

Baby Seelam

IT Specialist, Tester

Rafeef Shalaby

 IT Specialist, Developer


Angela L Sheppard

IT Specialist, Team leader


Daniel Thomas

 IT Specialist, PM


Regina Udomratanavasi

IT Specialist, PdM


Kimberly Wu

IT Specialist, Developer

Linda Chero

Assistant Commissioner, Payment Management

Lisa Andre

Deputy Executive Director

Sarah Stricevic


Payment Integrity Center of Excellence

Kevin McDaniels

Special Advisor

Jasson Seiden

Senior Government Information Specialist

Frank Supik

Senior Attorney

Thomas Kearns

Attorney Advisor

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Payment Integrity Center of Excellence (PICOE)

George Todt

Program Management Branch Manager

Mark Stromer

Director Investment Control Division

Brian Pichler

Team Lead

Louis DiPaolo

Data Analyst

David Walsh

Data Analyst

John Horton

Data Analyst

William Phillips

Senior Solutions Analyst

Airis McCottry Gill

Executive Director of Employee Experience and Organizational Management

Zelpha Anderson

Director, Organizational Management

Becky Caldwell

Supervisory Program Specialist

Marixa Gervacio
Management Analyst

John Abrams

Training Specialist

Trent Tillman

Management Analyst

Cybil Mewborn

Management Analyst

Nicole Tayeh

Management Analyst

Eitan Naftali

 Director, Employee Experience

Chihung Szeto

Management Analyst

Ronika Anderson

Management Analyst

Corey McCahill

Management Analyst

Beth Lamb

Management Analyst

JD Dominick

Management Analyst

Wen Hsu Campbell

Management Analyst

Katie Braun

Management Analyst

Kriss Pinkett

Management Analyst

Takiyah Coe

Management Analyst

Dayna Oliveri

Management Analyst

Thomas Wilson

Management Analyst

Ben Kaler

Management Analyst

Anissa Nash

Program Analyst

U.S. Postal Service

COVID-19 System Distribution Team


Pritha Mehra

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Garrett Hoyt

VP of Technology Applications

Heather Dyer

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Bill Koetz

VP of Network and Compute Technology

Jerry Wheeler

Executive Director of CIO Architecture, Strategy and Innovation (CASI)

Julie Batchelor

Executive Director of Endpoint Technology

John Pomeroy

Executive Director of CIO Services

Mike Rautio

Digital Project Manager

Amy Schneidau

Supervisory Web Specialist

Merci del Toro 

Senior Web Producer

Anne Corcoran

Senior Web Producer

Claude Steinberg 

Web Producer

Karen Howard

Director - Online Services

John Pekarik

Director, IRS.Gov

Andrew S. Chiu

Director, Modernization, Tools and Technologies

Jennifer Amarante 

Management And Program Anly

Brandon Szabo

Supervisory User Experience and Design

Alcora Walden

Supervisory Digital Services Manager

José M. Vejarano

Product Management & UXD, Director

Josh Jessar

Supervisory User Experience and Design

Sarvesh Shah

Product Manager,

Office of Online Services

Ashley Kent

Taxpayer Experience Analyst

Matt Leibner

Product Development Specialist (Product Manager)

Tess Pereira


Pravallika Bitra


Stephen Chovanec

 Supervisory User Experience and Design

Natasha Hendrix

Digital User Experience Analyst

Hai Vuong

User Experience Designer

Nillesh Patel


Todd Morrison


Andy Maldonado


Brian Balla

Supervisory Management and Program Analyst

Mike Mason

Web Strategist

Angela Render

Supervisory - Digital Services Manager

Annie Power

Web Strategist

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Web Strategist

Kira Prin

Product Development Specialist

Jeff Briggs


Trevor Gilbertson


Mike Beebe

Director, Return Integrity & Compliance Services

Ishmael Alejo

Project Director, Refundable Credits

Jacqueline Keller

Program Analyst

Dalonda King

Program Analyst

Anne Smiley

Program Analyst

Dianne Garibotto

Technical Advisor

Virginia K. Busby

Senior Operations Advisor

Camille Privett

Management & Program Analyst

Dan Horan

Management & Program Analyst

Elizabeth Ortiz

Program Manager

Reza Fakory

Technical Project Manager

Paula Kannike

Management & Program Analyst

Eric Markow

Deputy Director, Corporate Data

Rob King

Program Manager

Brian Wright

Supervisory IT Specialist

Babatunde Akingbemi

 Management & Program Analyst

Jay Watts

 IT Specialist

Cassondra M. Babin

Supervisory IT Specialist

Debbie Trumbull

Director, Demand Management and Project Governance IRS

Leigh Ramunni

Supervisory IT Specialist

Susan Dickerson

 IT Project Manager

Pat O’Cain

Supervisory IT Specialist


Stephen Lomaka


James Harrison


Subhashini Babu


Jared Hall


Radhika Desai

Computer Engineer

George Kuriakose

Computer Scientist

Steve St. Jacques


Claudia Wang


Mike Argel


U.S. Department of Treasury

Internal Revenue Service
Taxpayer Advocate Service

Bonnie Fuentes

Executive Director of Case Advocacy,

Intake and Technical Support

IRS Secure Access Digital Identity (SADI) Team

Nanette M. Downing

Retired Director, Identity Assurance

Patrice C. Wilmot

Director, Identity and Access Management 

Angela R. Gartland

Director Identity Assurance

Kathie D. Averett

Associate Director, Identity Assurance, Identity Modernization

Scott D. Jones

Supervisory Information Technology Specialist, Identity & Access Management

IRS Child Tax Credit Update Portal (CTCUP)