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Kathy Conrad is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in government and industry. Her passion for public service and belief in improving government to better serve the public have driven her remarkable career. As the Director of Digital Government for Accenture Federal Services (AFS), Kathy has led efforts to revolutionize customer experience and implement groundbreaking policies and programs.


Kathy's expertise in customer experience, digital service transformation, and technology design sets her apart. She has successfully fostered collaboration between government and industry, navigating complex political dynamics and driving innovation. Her ability to connect customer experience with technology modernization and agency missions has been instrumental in driving change. At AFS, Kathy has initiated high-impact programs that have transformed government services. Notably, she co-founded a customer experience initiative with the Partnership for Public Service, elevating the importance of customer experience across government and shaping policies and strategies. Her extensive writing and public commentary have furthered the understanding and application of customer experience principles.


Kathy's work directly benefits the public. Her focus on equity and inclusion in design has helped underrepresented communities gain access to essential federal services, improving their health and economic well-being. Through her dedication to customer-centric solutions, she has fostered a culture of innovation and improved service delivery in the government.


Kathy's extensive experience, leadership in customer experience, and commitment to public service have had a profound impact on government services. Her innovative approach and dedication to customer-centricity have transformed the way the government serves the public, ultimately improving the lives of citizens across the country.


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Director, Digital Government

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