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Government-wide Employee Experience Community of Practice


Airis McCottry Gill Headshot.jpg
Laura White Photo.jpg


Executive Director, Employee Experience

& Organizational Management

Veterans Experience Office, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Chief Well Being Officer

Administration for Children and Families

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

The Employee Experience Community of Practice (EX CoP) is a valuable platform that promotes the improvement of employee experiences across the federal government. With participation from over 15 different federal offices, the EX CoP facilitates knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and support among peers, enabling the development and enhancement of employee experience initiatives. Through this community, participants have been able to work together to create mission and vision statements, devise strategies to gain leadership buy-in, and provide feedback on existing EX tools.


The benefits of positive employee experiences extend not only to the employees themselves but also to the federal customers they serve. Studies have shown that prioritizing employee experience leads to a significant increase in overall employee well-being, which in turn enhances customer experiences. According to Forbes magazine, companies that excel in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees, and numerous studies have demonstrated that investing in employee experience positively impacts the customer experience, resulting in favorable outcomes.


By fostering a culture of collaboration and sharing best practices, the EX CoP multiplies these benefits throughout the federal government. It serves as a catalyst for positive change, empowering participants to create or further develop their own EX programs. The achievements of Airis McCottry Gill and Laura White in leading and building this community are commendable, as they have created a space that inspires, assists, and encourages others to improve the employee experience across the federal government.

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