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Raza Latif, co-founder of NuAxis Innovations, is a standout leader known for his passion for customer experience (CX) and dedication to government services. Under his guidance, NuAxis has become a 400-person CX powerhouse, focused on restoring trust in government. Raza's commitment to CX has led to the integration of CX and human-centered design (HCD) best practices across the company. Initiatives such as the NPS grants review system and precision service desk for cancer patients have improved processes and information access.


Beyond CX, Raza prioritizes employee experience (EX) and has implemented company wide CX and HCD training. He actively contributes to the industry as an ADI board member and a member of the Customer Experience Advisory Board at the University of Richmond. These accomplishments benefit the public by integrating CX into NuAxis projects and engaging in community events. Streamlined processes and exceptional customer experiences have been the outcomes of Raza's initiatives.


Industry professionals recognize Raza's impact as a CX leader. His unique approach, commitment to EX, and dedication to the government CX agenda set him apart as an exceptional executive. Raza's passion for CX, dedication to government services, and ability to drive change have positioned him as a leader in the industry.



Chief Executive Officer,
NuAxis Innovations

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