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Ms. Eggleston played a crucial role in multiple cross-agency efforts related to behavioral health, including in the transition of the suicide hotline to the plain language 988 application.


Focused on inclusion and reaching different members of the public, she traveled the country to reach underserved demographics for input during the design phases of multiple websites related to 988 and substance use, conducting research with those with disabilities, serious mental illness, substance use disorders, as well as LGBTQI+ youth and people impacted by the justice-system. Leveraging the Customer Experience Executive Order, Melissa provided payment to these populations as a token of thanks for sharing their valuable experience. She also collaborated with critical organizations like the World Institute on Disability and The Trevor Project to ensure the needs of their clients were well understood. Melissa and her teammates also conducted research sessions and created a plain language document for 911 operators to facilitate connections with 988.


These achievements have had significant public benefits. The 988 Lifeline received 152,000 more calls, chats, and texts in August 2022 compared to the previous year, with improved response times. The average speed to answer decreased from 2.5 minutes to 42 seconds, saving countless lives since the program's launch.


Melissa's dedication to customer experience and her contributions to behavioral health services have been invaluable, making a significant impact on the success of these initiatives.


User Experience Researcher and Designer

Digital Service at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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