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2020 SERVICE to the CITIZEN™ 

Award Winners

US Department Agriculture

Tonye Gross

Tim Carney

Casey Cook


Courtney Dixon

Frank Geter


Alison Groenwoldt

Sherilyn Hashimoto

Janie Hudson

Ron MacKenzie

Michelle McKinney​

Andrea Naughton

Nannette Pena 

Glen Schafer

Don Simpson

Steve Stark

Matt Stropes

Gwen Uecker Team

Knowledge Management (AskUSDA)

Sandra Dickinson

Lead, Contact Center Center of Excellence, GSA

Department of Homeland Security

Procurement Innovation Lab

Department of Labor

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Michael Reardon

Supervisory Policy Advisor

Scott Michael Robertson, PhD

Policy Advisor

Nathan Cunningham

Policy Advisor

Office of Management & Budget

Amira Choueiki Boland

Customer Experience Lead

Department of Treasury

Internal Revenue Service 
Tax Exempt Organizational Search Tool

Tax Withholding Estimator

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