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2018 SERVICE to the CITIZEN™ 

Award Winners

Intergovernmental Collaboration to Apprehend and Prosecute Doctor in Cancer Doctor Scam


                   Kevin Nalu                               Bryan Drake

                Special Agent, IRS                        Special Agent, FBI

                  Abhijit Dixit                             Catherine Dick

          Special Agent, HHS OIG                    Trial Attorney, US  DOJ


Department of Education

Federal Student Aid - Reducing Default Loans


             Jessica Simpson                          Dr. G. Dale Thomas

            Senior Advisor for the                     Management and Program

         Borrower Experience, FSA                           Analyst, FSA

Rosalizes Wright

Program Specialist, FSA

Environmental Protection Agency - Internal CX


             Jeffrey Wells                                  Lynnann Hitchens

           Director and Chief                                   Director and Senior

    Customer Experience Officer                        Information Officer


Howard K. Osborne

Associate Chief Financial Officer

Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Hurricane Response and Recovery
FEMA Hurricane Response Network Design Team


(Design and Deployment of ArvoNet, FEMA Wireless Networks across Harvey/Irma/Maria)


                Jack Montgomery                      Manya Tarawalie

    Chief Architect/Program Manager      Deputy Program Manager in

             in TX, PR, Virgin Islands                   TX, PR, Virgin Islands

              Lorenzo Moore                             Eddie Stallworth

             Project and Process                         Cybersecurity Specialist in

                Manager in Texas                          TX, PR, Virgin Islands

               Michelle Sepety                            Vernon Hurston

         Engineering Lead Support                Disaster Response Director

        from National Capitol Region

               Robert Quarels                             Justin Anderson

        ArvoNet Test Manager in TX             Regional Network Manager

                                                                            in Puerto Rico/Colorado

Denessa Moses

Section Manager in the

Service Management Section

John A. Carter

Hurricane Response

Hurricane Response Contact Centers Acquisition Leadership


             Alex Amparo                                     Bobby McCane

            Deputy Assistant                              Chief Procurement Officer

       Administrator, Recovery

USAGov Support for Puerto Rico

Victoria Blitzer-Wales

Marketing and Outreach Team Lead

FEMA Credentials

               Craig Wilson                                       J'son Tyson

      Chief Security Information                  ICAM (Identity, Credential

                 Officer (CISO)                              and Access Management)         



Mark Lucas

ICAM Technical Lead

Government-wide Digital Hurricane Response (Web Council)

            Alycia Yozzi                                     Matthew Harmon

        Chair of the Federal                               Director of the Federal

             Web Council                                                Web Council

         Stacey Palosky                                   Leilani Martínez

       Acting Deputy Director,                          Director, Content and

             Digital, HHS                                  Outreach Division in USAGov

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)

Use of Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Services (Emma)

Vashon Citizen

Program Manager, Emma

Department of State

Lost and Stolen Passport System


             Regina Ballard                                   Carl Siegmund

      Division Chief for the Consular                Community Relations

    Lost and Stolen Passport Division                       Officer

Lee Smith

Director, Passport Services

Processing of the 2017 Passport Surge


             Brenda Sprague                                   Barry Conway

      Deputy Assistant Secretary               Managing Director, Passport 



Florence Fultz

Managing Director, Issuance, Passport Services

Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration
Internal CX


Claudia Bogard

Director of Customer Strategy

Department of Treasury

Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
Online Services

Ashley Kent

Technical Project Manager

Department of Veterans Affairs

White House Hotline Contact Center for Veterans


Rosetta Lue

Senior Advisor for Contact Centers

                  Alex Loehr                                       Anne Kainic

             Clare Martorana                               Elizabeth Hun

               Fatima Noor                                  Suzanne Chapman

             Samara Strauss                                Raquel Romano

               Natalie Moore                                   Robbie Holmes

               Marvo Dolor                                      Lacey Higley

           Lauren Anderson                               Kelly O'Connor

              Marcy Jacobs                                     Kerry Lenahan

              Melissa Schaff                                    Gabriel Zucker    

                Paris Martin                                        Chris Given 

                   Gina Kim                                         Chris Johnston

                 Steve Kovacs                                     Jessica Miller

                   Jeff Barnes

Cloud Team

              Aaron Wieczorek                                    Alan Ning

             Dan Kozlowski                                        Lisa Chung

Caseflow Team

             Nicholas Holtz                                        Abby Raskin

              Alan Ning                                                Annie Nguyen

             Chris Given                                                 Gina Kim

               Lara Kohl                                                  Lisa Chung

              Nick Heiner                                            Shane Russell


DC 311

Teddy Kavaleri

Chief IT Officer

Social Security Administration

Leadership in Modernizing and Delivering Digital Services


Rajive Mathur

Chief Information Officer

Mobile App Testing

Dave Fern

IT Specialist

Three Wire Systems
Vet Advisor

Dan Frank

CEO, Three Wire Systems

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