Since SSA closed its national field offices in March 2020 due to COVID-19, Zina Casey has been at the forefront of SSA’s effort to continue public-facing services through the use of online forms processes.  Supporting many SSA and affiliated Federal programs, form-based processes were severely complicated when mailroom operations ceased. Online form submission alleviates these complications while offering more convenience for public users.


Assigned in March 2020 as the Project Manager for SSA online forms, Zina Casey was charged with delivering purely digital solutions as quickly as possible.  Creatively using an array of vendor components available already at SSA for other purposes, Zina and her supporting contractor team developed, tested, and launched the CMS-40B form, used to receive Medicare Part B applications, within 8 weeks. This assembled cloud services for fraud protection, electronic signatures, and file storage together in an elegant and easy-to-use user experience that also addressed acute operational needs.  In October 2020 Zina’s team launched the SSA-455, which supports another critical workload for the public, the Continuing Disability Review Mailer. In February, Zina’s team launched a third online form, the SSA-1696 Appointment of Representative form.


Together, these online forms have allowed the submission of nearly 250,000 online forms, offering a superior customer experience, streamlined processing operations, and the contactless public services needed during the pandemic. Zina’s tireless leadership, ingenuity, and mastery of all available technologies make her ideally suited for selection as a Rising Star of the Year.


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Project Manager