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Wage and Investment Operations Support: Program Management Office Taxpayer Experience Strategy



Chief, Program Management Office
Wage and Investment Operations Support: Program Management Office

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Management and Program Analyst, 
Wage and Investment Operations Support: Program Management Office

The Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) appointed the IRS’s first Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer (CTXO) in January 2021 to unify and expand efforts across the agency to improve the taxpayer experience. A critical step on the journey of continuous improvement for the taxpayer experience was the development of a Taxpayer Experience Strategy (TXS) roadmap to prioritize and sequence the taxpayer experience vision and capabilities over the next several years as outlined in the included in the Taxpayer First Act Report to Congress and the establishment of the Taxpayer Experience Office.


The Taxpayer Experience Strategic Roadmap Coordination Team, led by Cindy Jones and John Hannas, developed the TXS roadmap which sets the IRS taxpayer experience strategic direction. Cindy and John led an enterprise-wide team of subject matter experts and managed contractor resources. They leveraged the existing strategic planning community of practice to ensure the TXS Roadmap aligned with and supported key IRS strategies such as the IRS Strategic Plan, Modernization Plan, Taxpayer First Act, and 21st Century IDEA Act. They also engaged with IRS oversight organizations, such as the IRS Advisory Council, to help identify and validate capabilities and priorities to improve the taxpayer experience. Cindy and John led the team of internal and external stakeholders to review the list of TXS capabilities and prioritize them based on how they affect the taxpayer experience (from taxpayer and tax community perspective), employee experience, resources, and service delivery.


The Taxpayer Experience Strategy (TXS) Roadmap will play a major role in improving the taxpayer experience over the next several years. The roadmap will inform IRS taxpayer experience resource and funding decisions by aligning with and directly supporting critical internal and external strategies and initiatives, such as the President’s Management Agenda, Treasury Strategic Plan, IRS Strategic Plan, and IRS Integrated Modernization Business Plan. Both Cindy and John are very dedicated to providing excellent service to internal and external customers. They are considered subject matter experts in a wide range of fields and continue their dedication to serving the public. 

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