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Tony’s client work has helped government agencies improve customer satisfaction, mission outcomes, and employee engagement, while reducing costs to the taxpayer. For example, he helped one federal agency triple its customer experience scores, reduce wait times by more than 70%, and improve employee engagement by 40%. He helped another agency eliminate a significant benefit application backlog within 12 months, saving over $100 million while increasing employee satisfaction by 40%. He has also helped enable homeowners to rebuild ~3 months sooner after disasters.


Tony has also created by his example a cohort of passionate and committed clients, colleagues, and friends across the public sector and within McKinsey who aspire to make government work better for people. I am lucky to count myself as one of them.  Tony has been at the forefront of driving Customer Experience (CX) efforts across the federal government over the past decade, and most notably over the past three years.

Tony’s contributions go well beyond his client work for individual federal agencies. For example, Tony helped the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) stand up the Core Federal Services Council in 2016. From their inaugural meeting, Tony played a key role in bringing CX principles and best practices to the Council. He led training sessions and workshops in multiple of the Council’s quarterly meetings, helping all Council members learn the 6 hallmarks of great Customer Experience, and how to better understand what matters to their customers. Over the past year, he worked with OMB and the Partnership for Public Service to shape the new A-11 guidance on CX measurement, a major breakthrough. In each of the past two years,

Tony has also led the Federal Executive Institute’s SES Onboarding Forum on Customer Experience, helping the next generation of SES understand CX best practices and human-centered design.

Tony has also championed McKinsey’s groundbreaking Customer Experience research in the federal government. While many other companies publish citizen satisfaction scores, Tony and his colleagues have pioneered a journey-based approach to discover new insights on what matters to citizens. Initially conducted for the U.S. in 2016, Tony expanded this research last year to include 6 countries and 140 services – the most comprehensive study of citizen experience globally.

Tony has published more than 10 articles on Customer Experience in government, including last year’s special edition of McKinsey on Government: The customer-experience puzzle. He’s also helped foster a growing network of Customer Experience Officers across government, convening regular McKinsey CX forums.  Tony has gone above and beyond to deliver improved services to the public, across his client work, research, and collaboration with leaders at the center of government.




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