Suzy Greer was critical in the delivery of the Economic Impact Payments (EIP) 1, 2, and 3 as well as the updates required to the Business processing for COVID-19 related tax credits.  She coordinated and worked directly with IRS business and IT stakeholders to ensure the requirements were correct.  


Suzy worked on numerous roadblocks to ensure the legislation was implemented timely and correctly.  She was always available working nights and weekends as required to ensure production ran timely and checks were delivered to taxpayers.  Her tireless efforts and extraordinary leadership led to the unprecedented delivery of over 90M+ Stimulus payments going to taxpayers in record time.  In addition, she recognized potential issues very early in the process on multiple occasions and ensured the risks were mitigated so that there would be minimal impact on IRS Tax Filing Season


Without Suzy’s efforts on COVID, millions of taxpayers would not have properly received Economic Impact Payments. These payments allowed people to pay rent, buy food, and minimized the impact of the pandemic.  In addition, her coordination work on the IRS Business side allowed the IRS to timely and correctly process millions of business tax returns, allowing the country’s businesses to give required COVID sick leave to individuals and retain employees keeping them off the unemployment rolls, all the while ensuring the tax code was applied fairly to all business.


In addition to everything that Suzy did above during the pandemic, Suzy was also an inspiration to hundreds of IRS employees and contractors to do everything they could to help their fellow citizens.  On numerous occasions, her words inspired the staff to do everything they could to ensure IRS did its part in helping the country all the while ensuring staff did not burn out delivering this unprecedented service.  Suzy’s work and inspiration have led many of our fellow citizens to alter their negative opinion of the IRS and that the IRS staff and contractors truly care about our fellow citizens and will do all within the bounds of the law to help them.


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Director, Information Technology, Applications Development, Corporate Data Division,
Internal Revenue Service