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The Office of the Chief Information Officer

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Sanjay Koyani plays a pivotal role in leading the Department of Labor’s technology toward the future. Most notably, Sanjay led the creation of an entirely new branch within OCIO and the Department of Labor, Emerging Technologies. 


Sanjay’s creation of the branch of Emerging Technologies served as a kickstart moment for innovative tech such as automation, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence on an enterprise-wide scale.Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the first enterprise-wide capability for innovative tech at the department, automates rule-based, repetitive processes that were previously conducted manually by department staff. Four “bots” in use by staff today save an estimated 9,200+ work hours for procurement-based activities and 670+ work hours for human resources activities. Benefits of this technology include time and cost savings, reduced burden on department workers, improved reliability and accuracy of processes. 


Most importantly, the technology created under Sanjay’s leadership allows workers to focus their efforts on providing critical services to the public. With fewer repetitive, administrative-based tasks, department workers can focus their energy on providing better customer service to America’s workers. Members of the public will also benefit from shorter wait times, more personalized service from department employees, and easier resolutions to queries. These benefits have all been made possible by Sanjay’s investment in RPA and other emerging technologies.


Sanjay has proven himself to be not only an exceptional leader, but a service-oriented individual who guides his department by example. He puts people first.  As the Chief Technology Officer, Sanjay ensures that any project selected for exploration will demonstrate a benefit to the department worker–and the American worker.


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Chief Technology Officer,
U.S. Department of Labor

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