Dr. Sally Dang is being awarded for her work as the project lead and organizer for the VA Long Beach Health Care Virtual Patient Education and Team Training Video Library Services Project (VPETS). While this project was done at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System (VALBHS), a project of this size and scope was the first of its kind within the Veterans Health Administration which nationwide comprises over 140 Medical Centers, 1200 outpatient clinics, and over 9 million Veterans.


The Virtual Patient Education and Team Training Video Library Services program creates  a series of custom videos, under the leadership of Dr. Sally Dang.  Dr. Dang began by interviewing department heads and key stakeholders across VA Long Beach to identify gaps in content and triage the most urgent issues.  The VA Patient Experience Program provided data-rich journey maps detailing bright points, pains spots, and moments that matter, which were combined with clinician and veteran input.  With the purpose, audience, and goal for each video well defined, Dr. Dang led each department and/or service line through the process of creating a custom video designed to help veterans better navigate the system and have a better patient experience while also addressing key VA issues such as missed appointments and misuse of services.


There were a total of 18 videos constructed for the Veterans of the VA Long Beach Health Care System but perhaps the best illustration of how these videos are intended to help each patient understand their health care journey is the “The VA Patient Journey Outpatient Video”. The animated videos followed a Veteran through an outpatient journey, based on a journey map provided by the Veterans Experience Office. Dr. Dang used her network within VA connected with the Veterans Experience Office to gain their valuable insight and guidance about Veteran Healthcare Journey.


Dr. Dang’s overall performance in leading this difficult and complex project has been magnificent. The project would not be as nearly successful as it is without her dynamic leadership and influence.


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Chief, Optometry Service,
Branch Chief, VHA Vision Center of Excellence (VCE) 
Department of Veterans Affairs