Rick DeLappe is the Interagency Program Manager at the National Park Service in Edgewater, Colorado and oversees all Recreation One-Stop operations.  From day-to-day operations and financial management to strategic planning, acquisition, and contract management, Rick provides management coordination for this national platform which includes the website and Recreation Information Database. Rick grew up in California and graduated from Humboldt State University in 1986 with a degree in Botany. He began working for the National Park Service in 1989 as a fee collector in Rocky Mountain National Park. Passionate about the great outdoors, Rick has worked as a ranger across the country in Rocky Mountain, Haleakala, Jean Lafitte, Yellowstone and Zion National Parks. Rick began working with the Recreation One Stop program in 2003 and now resides in Denver, CO.

Rick’s work on the most recent iteration of the website and Support Services program, also known as R1SSS, is not only reshaping the way the Forest Service, the National Park System and the US Army Corps of Engineers is approaching the management of our nation’s largest network of outdoor recreation opportunities.  His work is transforming the way many Federal Government agencies are improving the citizen experience. Using the U.S. Digital Services playbook, Rick and his team created the vision to move beyond the long-term tenets of the basic reservation platform and to move toward a more intense focus on user experience, more open and shareable data, and a variety of new technologies that support what people expect related to these services today.


Rick, supported by Booz Allen Hamilton as the prime contractor and a cast of subcontractors specializing in delivery of CX across multiple Federal Agency programs, set about doing just that.  Through several forums, focus groups, field testing, user observation and a solid continuous feedback/improvement process, Rick and his team revolutionized the R1SSS Platform from being the long-term and stagnant reservation services and trip planning platform very focused on giving the outdoor recreation population what they wanted in terms of accessibility and information.


Rick’s leadership engaging many stakeholder organizations, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the National Park Service, has ultimately led to the deployment of a platform that is truly interagency, that inspires visitors to explore America’s public land and waters, and most importantly, makes it easy and fun for them to plan their adventures.  Social media and other channels are being leveraged to deliver the Citizen Experience previously thought very much farther along the right side of the timeline. Rick’s leadership, foresight and ability to bring together great ideas and practical application have been key to the success of the new and improved platform and program.