Service with Heart: these are the words that capture the culture, the values, and the mission of Service British Columbia. As the first point of contact for hundreds of government programs, including sensitive health and social programs, the staff of the Service BC Contact Centre must embody this ethos. Under the leadership of Rajeev Purewal, the Service BC Contact Centre has improved outcomes for citizens by increasing the accessibility of government programs through timely, effective, and empathetic service.


The Service BC team brought Service with Heart to the citizens of British Columbia through a deep understanding of how to engage citizens using a suite of complementary technologies while creating a culture of service within the team. This technology includes a robust, actively managed knowledge base and an omni-channel contact center platform that allows citizens to engage Service BC using their channel of choice.  Today, channels include phone, email, and SMS text while video chat and webchat are in the process of being added. But offering the channels themselves is only part of the equation; it is the contact center Agents that have earned industry-leading Citizen Satisfaction results.


The culture of service that has been built is derived from the primary strategic objective of Service BC – an exceptional citizen experience. This is achieved using techniques such as:

  • Ensuring open and transparent communication with Agents;

  • Using 1-on-1’s, huddles, team meetings, and the Quality Assurance process to drive a consistent message on contact center objectives;

  • involving Agents in the decision-making process and always communicating decision rationale;

  • Using communication strategies with agents that support the desired culture (e.g. #makemomproud campaign to raise Citizen Satisfaction); and,

  • Retention efforts such as “make work work for you” to keep high-performing agents on staff.     


This approach has led to the >85% Citizen Satisfaction result and an 89% employee engagement rating (according to a Malatest employee satisfaction survey).








Since taking over the Service BC Contact Centre, Rajeev has engaged his staff in the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives to enhance citizen outcomes, reduce cost, and improve the Agent experience. These include:

  • Reorienting the QA program to focus on Citizen Satisfaction;

  • Educating citizens on how to self-serve using online channels and avoid having to call again;

  • Eliminating hold times to keep citizens engaged;

  • Updating the knowledge base in real-time to ensure citizens have the most up-to-date information; e-learning modules for Agents to create flexibility in onboarding;

  • Automating templates for emails and text to reduce handle time and allow Agents to focus on citizens’ issues; and, Providing diversity and etiquette training to Agents.


The Service BC Contact Centre is providing Citizens a cutting edge technological solution with all of the empathy and efficiency that can make public services great. This achievement also resulted in the award of the BenchmarkPortal Center of Excellence Certification; a distinction for contact centers. Among the thousands of call centers that attempt this certification, only around 10% achieve it on their first try. The Service BC team was able to do it on their first try in the center’s first year of operations.


Service BC has accomplished the following:


  • Ongoing Citizen Satisfaction Rate is >85% (a post-interaction survey using a 5 point Likert Scale);

  • >85% of calls answered in < 60 seconds;

  • Average wait time is 29 seconds;

  • Offering new channels beyond the phone: SMS Text, Video Chat, webchat, and email;

  • Greater assistance through co-browsing (i.e. can assist citizens with filling out online government forms);

  • A robust knowledge base that is actively curated by a content manager with knowledge management expertise;

  • 89% employee engagement

  • 99% Agent quality rating