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Qualtrics Chief Executive Officer, Zig Serafin, has defined Experience Management (XM) as the new operating system for the work of government.  Under Zig’s leadership, Qualtrics has disrupted traditional voice of the customer approaches that gather survey-based, structured data into static reports that are delivered to siloed decision makers who lack the context or operational linkages to take meaningful action.


One of many examples of Zig’s impact is in the State of Utah, where State leaders have painted a visionary picture for the future of citizen-centered service. They propose a world where any resident can log into one portal to access any government service. Under Zig’s leadership, Utah partnered with Qualtrics to bring this vision to reality. Now, citizens who visit Utah’s digital front door can request help via a Qualtrics intercept and get immediately triaged to a customer service team or the appropriate digital self service. This mechanism is helping Utah close the loop with its citizens to ensure each person who enters their digital front door is able to connect with the service they need. 


Zig led Qualtrics’ outreach to the International Red Cross (IRC), offering pro bono support by providing Qualtrics XM platform to their field operations.  He pivoted the solutions Qualtrics successfully deployed to help governments around the world manage the complex process of COVID-19 vaccinations and support services.  Thanks to Zig’s leadership, Qualtrics helped refugees fleeing the war immediately access help through a seamless registration platform - at no extra cost to the IRC.  Zig also encouraged Qualtrics employees to step up and support humanitarian response, running a fund raising campaign that generated nearly $ 1M in desperately needed financial support to several humanitarian organizations.


Zig’s vision of a human-centered government in 2022 follows his successful year in 2021, when he took the company public and reached $ 1B in annual sales.  In 2022, Zig is leading Qualtrics to continue building governments’ XM muscle.


Chief Executive Officer

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