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More than five million Veterans, transitioning service members, dependents and caregivers now rely on My HealtheVet, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ online personal health record platform. Guiding all five million is a team of 250 VA-employed champions – My HealtheVet Coordinators – who are geographically dispersed at VA medical centers across the nation. Together as a group and as individuals at each facility, these public servants embody service to the citizen – our U.S. Veterans – and are VA’s top champions of change, given that the vast majority of My HealtheVet’s potential userbase has limited internet savvy.


My HealtheVet offers anywhere, anytime access to patients’ VA health care information, along with many health tools, resources and services. Through My HealtheVet, Veterans can use Secure Messaging to reach members of their care team for non-emergency matters; review lab results, clinical notes and other records from their VA electronic health record; schedule and manage their medical appointments online; refill and track their VA prescriptions; record their diet, exercise and health history; and a lot more. My HealtheVet features are valuable and robust, but our My HealtheVet Coordinators are the irreplaceable bridge that connects Veterans with these tools and their personal health care information online.  


My HealtheVet Coordinators, often only one per VA health care system (medical center hubs and community-based outpatient clinics), are responsible for championing the My HealtheVet platform and patient self-care management, not only to reach all local Veterans but also VA care teams. The Coordinators diligently promote, recruit, educate and advocate for My HealtheVet usage. More specifically, they are responsible for building out My HealtheVet enrollment, teaching Veterans how to use the platform and features, hosting outreach events, and helping Veterans register and upgrade their secure login accounts. These coordinators are both experts about the platform and customer service agents for Veterans. 


My HealtheVet Coordinators are also responsible for partnering with VA care teams to promote My HealtheVet usage. Health care providers have a special relationship with Veterans and are consequently a natural partner in referring Veterans who want to gain access to their health records and take more responsibility for their health. Often after their medical appointment, Veterans visit with the facility’s Coordinator to register or upgrade their login account, as well as get their questions answered. This provider-Veteran-Coordinator relationship becomes even more valuable when you consider Coordinators’ many other responsibilities. 


In addition to ensuring Veterans get access to My HealtheVet, the Coordinators work behind the scenes to facilitate My HealtheVet resource management. These tasks include training care teams to properly and consistently use My HealtheVet resources; monitoring, tracking and taking responsibility for Secure Messaging response rates, which requires following up with providers to address unanswered messages; manually entering and updating My HealtheVet’s Secure Messaging system to include each employee, in certain systems this is 3,000+ people; and screening Secure Messages for explicit or threatening content that warrants coordination with the Destructive Behavior Committee.  


Since 2010, our Coordinators have been the gatekeepers of My HealtheVet. This resource is expanding every year and creates new possibilities for Veterans and caregivers to take ownership and participate in their health care. Most recently, the VA Medical Images feature was added to provide Veterans with access to their medical images and the ability share those images with providers across the VA network and with community providers. This ultimately means My HealtheVet Coordinators’ job description grows with the platform – the more resources, the more effort to make sure those resources run smoothly for both Veterans and providers. This team’s dedication doesn’t end at the end of the workday. VA frequently hears about My HealtheVet Coordinators taking time out of their personal lives to speak to Veterans at the supermarket while shopping or attending outreach events at local VSOs on their weekends. So, as their job requirements continue to grow, the Coordinators have consistently adapted to their workload, found a new passion for multitasking, and remained committed to serving those who have borne the battle.