Michael Windle joined FEMA as part of the Office of Strategy and Innovation, within FEMA’s Individual Assistance (IA) Division. Over the past year, Michael Windle has built the infrastructure and the culture to help FEMA evolve into a Customer Experience (CX) leader within government. CX is transforming to become a credible way for FEMA to approach its mission.


With CX being a new discipline in government, Michael has focused on building a FEMA-wide coalition, leveraging outside partnerships with OMB, GSA, and VA, and finding innovation-related resources to help FEMA change how it approaches problems. Though Michael sits in Individual Assistance, his support for CX has created sustainable ripple effects across FEMA. Michael frequently works with and serves as a resource to other teams at FEMA – including its agency-wide Office of Policy Program and Analysis, as well as teams within the National Flood Insurance Program. All these efforts align to build FEMA’s CX momentum, not just for survivors, but for FEMA’s other customer groups as well (e.g. states, insurance companies, grant applicants). 


Michael has also led a new agency-wide “Grassroots CX Community”. He identified and brought together people from across FEMA who wanted to discuss, build, and collaborate on improving CX. Michael led the formation of the group in early Fall 2020, and the community currently has 30-40 active members. Over just a few short months, Michael has led a core volunteer group to recruit leadership support from several SES leaders at FEMA and to host learning sessions with experts from other federal agencies. Now FEMA is one of the highest participating HISPs across the federal government.


Michael’s work on CX exemplifies FEMA’s core values of “compassion, fairness, respect, and integrity” by improving service delivery to the public. His leadership has laid the groundwork for years of future technology improvements that will transform how the American public interacts with FEMA after disasters.


Across these experiences, Michael has worked to lessen the burden on disaster survivors, and help individuals and families become more resilient in the face of life-changing emergencies.




Customer Experience Team Lead, 
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),
Department of Homeland Security