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Leslie Stretch, President & CEO of Medallia, is being recognized as the Industry Executive of the Year for his leadership and support of Medallia’s efforts to improve the government’s delivery of services to its customers. As an immigrant and naturalized citizen, Leslie Stretch understands firsthand the impacts that the government can have on the lives of everyday Americans.  Medallia is also enabling agencies to improve experiences to seniors, taxpayers, employees, and the public when accessing services from the US Postal Service, the US General Services Administration (GSA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)  as well state governments. 

The impact of Medallia's efforts is felt across a variety of agencies. Perhaps most notably from its partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The Veterans Signals (VSignals) program is underpinned by Medallia's technology. Not only is Medallia changing lives, but it is also saving them. Through the partnership with the VA, Medallia’s artificial intelligence technology is identifying Veterans who indicate potential risk of self-harm and/or homelessness, and has led to early intervention for more than 3,000 Veterans in need.  VA also increased the veteran’s trust from 55% to 78% over the past several years.

Medallia's has saved one independent federal agency $700k by increasing first call resolutions while increasing the OSAT by 8 points in three quarters.  This feat was accomplished through the supervisor's use of Medallia feedback data. Contact center supervisors who monitored feedback steadily increased the OSAT more than other agents over that 12 month period. The USDA, at the request of their Deputy Secretary,  collected 49.5k responses in just days, with a 53% response rate against all their agency's employees on their feedback on returning to work. This data allows the agency to develop a plan that considers their employees and their health and safety. GSA's Technology Transformation Services can now understand in real-time social, survey, chat, and search- search is two sources and survey is two plus social is facebook and twitter.


The Medallia Public Sector Team has continuously demonstrated its dedication and commitment to partnering with federal agencies to improve their customers’ experience. Over the past 18 months, Leslie committed funding to triple the Public Sector team, understanding that improving customer experience and citizens’ trust in government is more critical now than ever.  With 50+ individuals dedicated to the public sector, the team could pivot quickly and meet the government’s most pressing needs - at both the federal and local levels. 

Medallia has also invested heavily in meeting the needs of the public sector through investments in building an infrastructure to obtain FedRAMP certification and FedRAMP high. This accreditation will enable Medallia to further its ability to support even more critical experience engagements across the likes of the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services. 

Leslie is proud of the work he and his team have done on behalf of Medallia, and he is a true dedicated public servant. 


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President & CEO, Medallia, Inc.

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