Once the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was enacted, the IRS immediately rose to the challenge and delivered the largest stimulus package in our nation’s history. Under Ken and Nancy’s leadership, the agency went above and beyond, reacting quickly to ensure that millions of Americans received much-needed stimulus checks, or Economic Impact Payments (EIPs), in their preferred format, while relieving peoples’ anxiety by providing easily accessible status reporting on their payments. This was done while simultaneously implementing other provisions of the CARES Act which provided businesses relief, addressing IRS workforce needs, shifting taxpayer service to more virtual channels, and overseeing already complex Filing Season obligations.


In addition to coordinating across the federal government to deliver payments, the IRS also had to provide an interactive, digital citizen self-service tool that could allow the American public to designate preferred payment methods and track critical status information on their stimulus payments.  At the same time, the agency had to shift taxpayer questions to virtual channels after traditional in-person service channels were shuttered and transitioned to a remote environment. Using agile development, the IRS created and deployed the brand-new Get My Payment (GMP) application in approximately three weeks. In anticipation of unprecedented traffic for the application, IRS pioneered a new process and technology for performance testing, go-live support, and infrastructure and bandwidth enhancements. 

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Chief Information Officer,
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Chief Taxypayer Experience Officer,
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The IRS was able to coordinate with other agencies to disseminate nearly $160 billion to 89.5 million individuals in the program's first three weeks alone. On go-live day, the application recorded and successfully managed a volume equivalent to the IRS’ fifth-highest cumulative month of traffic ever and accounted for 375.1 million unique page views. And for subsequent stimulus payments, the IRS worked quickly to deploy GMP 2.0 just eight days after the Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed and GMP 3.0 in just two days after the American Rescue Plan Act was passed into law, with additional functionality enabling citizens nation-wide to quickly and easily get their payments, using the method of their choice.


Under Ken and Nancy’s leadership and timely, successful delivery, $280.0 Billion of payments were distributed and the Get My Payment 1.0 application was deployed just 16 days after the law was enacted. The second and third rounds of payments were distributed 2 days and 1 day respectively after legislation was signed, resulting in $147.9B and $372B (as of April 7, 2021) respectively being distributed to the public through their preferred payment method. This truly heroic effort enabled a total of $799.9B in financial relief to be provided to individual Americans whose lives were deeply affected by the pandemic. By quickly and conveniently providing this vital financial assistance, the IRS team’s action increased faith in the government and gave people hope.