In his role as the Senior Action Officer to the Election Mission Manager and the Election Operations Team, Kyle coordinated across CISA, the interagency, and with the private sector to ensure that the CISA’s election operational efforts were in alignment with the changing threat and risk environments to secure the Election in a strategic and targeted manner. Through his efforts, CISA was able to provide election stakeholders with timely operational support, while simultaneously refining processes and procedures to enhance the efficacy and scalability of CISA’s cybersecurity offerings. 


Additionally, in his support to the CISA Warning and Response Lead, Kyle coordinated closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that cyber-threat information was ingested, processed, and properly disseminated to election stakeholders. Through Kyle’s efforts, CISA was able to convert intelligence into tactical and actionable information, enabling election partners to proactively mitigate threats to election infrastructure.


Kyle assisted in coordinating all cybersecurity operational activities, including threat analysis, network defense, and incident management. He directly supported the Threat Hunting Issue Coordinator as the team conducted cyber incident triaging, ensuring leadership awareness and partner coordination of all cyber incidents that arise, helping to facilitate the whole-of-government approach to election security. With the support of Kyle’s efforts, CISA was able to ensure that each issue was properly triaged and addressed. Daily, Kyle helped bridge the information gap across all CISA Divisions to make sure no part of the Election Security effort was operating in an information-deprived environment. 


Through his work, Kyle has designed a solution that creates monumental cost savings of over 75% for the Federal government per vulnerability report.  Kyle has created a coalition of support throughout his organization and across the FCEB in support of ambitious VDP objectives. He has leveraged his subject matter expertise to define a long-term strategy with service growth opportunities. He has expertly navigated obstacles to achieve the continual success of the service and coordinated across all Federal agencies to prepare for deployment and ensure adoption of the new VDP service.


Kyle is an excellent civil servant with a bright future in public service.  His high-profile accomplishments have been a shining example of success in CISA and deserve more recognition across the Federal government for his work.




Service Manager,
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)