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Kelly is being recognized for her extraordinary service serving as a Public Affairs Specialist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Department of Justice.  Kelly is the force behind the FBI’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts is Kelly Conner. As the FBI’s primary social media manager, Kelly handles day-to-day social media content, crisis communications, and ad hoc requests from the Bureau’s headquarters divisions and 56 field offices.  


Whether it’s a missing child alert or a bombing on Christmas Day, Kelly works to make sure the public is informed about the FBI’s work and has the information they need to protect themselves and their families. Kelly’s social media content also solicits tips from the public to support our investigations. Her work plays a vital role in the mission of the FBI.  Over the past year, Kelly has handled a number of changes with grace: moving into a new unit during the pandemic, the departure of the program’s co-manager, and the addition of three new teammates.  


These past few months, Kelly has been instrumental in sending out social media content related to the U.S. Capitol violence—getting timely information out on @FBI Twitter and Facebook about the individuals the FBI is seeking. This content asks that the public provide the FBI any information they have about the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. It is one of the largest and most important investigations we've covered on social media. At times, this required Kelly to work late nights and 12+ hour days. 


Additionally, Kelly has been vital in publishing information to the FBI’s more than 5 million social media followers on COVID-19 pandemic-associated scams and crimes. Many of these posts led to high levels of engagement, demonstrating that this was information people were seeking out and sharing with friends and family.  


Kelly puts the public first in all that she does. Her efforts undoubtedly help serve the FBI brand and teach the public about what we do, who we are, and how they can help us solve cases. Some of the content Kelly pushes out includes missing persons and wanted fugitives, historical information, breaking news, scams and safety—all information that the public may only ever see because they follow the FBI on social media.  


Kelly Conner's Headshot.png

Public Affairs Specialist, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Public Affairs, Social Media Team

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