Julie oversees a team at login.cov, a shared service used by the public and highly trusted by government agencies. The program’s mission is to simplify secure access to online government services for the public and reduce costs for agencies and taxpayers. 


Julia and her team implement the recommendations from usability testing and saw its actual* proofing rates increase from 51% to 60% within two weeks. This was a remarkable outcome after making a few incremental changes to improving its service, based on the team’s findings and recommendations.


Within 30 days of implementation, average actual success rate increased to 74%, with a daily high of 84%. These numbers will continue to climb by using continuous discovery and human-centered design techniques. Not only does this improve the public’s experience of login.gov, but also has a serious business impact, making the product more attractive to partners and reducing costs to proof users.


An example of increasing equity and inclusion through UX design, Julia's team focused on things like ensuring that identity proofing technologies work for people with all skin colors. Under her leadership, the organization's work has led to increased public trust, equity, and inclusion -- all from focusing on user experience. 




 Security Experience Lead,
Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)

Technology Transformation Services (TTS),
U.S. General Services Administration