José Vejarano transformed government services during the COVID-19 pandemic by

innovating a rapid-response process that provided essential, consistent, and accurate information to the public. José inserted himself into multiple ongoing workstreams and dialogs, and he spearheaded efforts to use the website to reach as many taxpayers as possible.


José leveraged his internal networks to marshal the efforts of key stakeholders as they crafted messages to their constituencies, and he also ensured that the stakeholders and their messages maintained cross-site consistency as part of a holistic approach to maintaining the informational integrity of 


José set up a rapid-response team to drive web content strategy and publishing activities on Partnering across the Service, José directed his team to set up a process that allowed them to monitor public needs, recommend content updates, get them approved by the Treasury and implement them on quickly. These efforts ensured that all alerts were consistent with each other across and followed plain language guidelines, resulting in consistent messaging for the public in a time of crisis.


José’s foresight and leadership enabled his team to make sure that the IRS’s biggest communications channel gave clear, consistent, and easy-to-find messaging that would help and reassure the public. His leadership in support of the IRS’s communication efforts reduced the burden for millions of Americans by also providing them with clear messaging on tax relief and economic impact payments. 


Through all of this, José’s team eagerly volunteered to work evenings and weekends to make sure the public received the best service possible, all while getting their money as fast as possible. They did this while suffering their own hardships from the pandemic. He empowered his people, encouraged them, and enabled them in ways that benefited both them and the American people.


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Branch Chief, Content Strategy,
Internal Revenue Service