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Jim Gayhart has dedicated 20 years to building Senture. His leadership, integrity, and team building strategy has been key to taking Senture from a small business doing primarily subcontract, surge work only, to becoming the largest “pure-play” multi-channel contact center BPO in the Federal, State and Local government spaces today. Senture’s critical, life-changing service work in a very large way, made possible because of the commitment of Jim to impact positive outcomes for citizens throughout the nation and around the world.  

Jim’s commitment to meaningful work is most effectively demonstrated in the types of work he has led Senture to pursue. Under his leadership, Senture has centered around a concept of offering the highest quality of delivery and mission execution while reducing cost for the dozens of agencies served during his tenure. This focus on cost leadership produced quantifiable savings for some agencies in excess of 30% less than they had been spending with other firms in the government space.  The result was not only financial.  These efficiencies made service more readily accessible to the citizens served by many programs.  This leadership in driving the Citizen Experience space to offer services in better, faster and cheaper ways, also served as the catalyst to support a series of strategic partnerships and relationships within industry that truly pioneered the co-opetition environment many of us work so fluidly in today. 

Throughout the 20 years of supporting services in the public sector, Jim has been committed to recruiting, retaining and engaging the right people; developing and employing the right processes; and ensuring the latest and greatest tools of the contact center services trade were made available to the clients, partners and agencies supported by Senture. Jim is truly the embodiment of commitment to Service to the Citizen.



Former President, Senture, LLC.

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