Jeffrey London, the Executive Director of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) Loan Guaranty Service (LGS) is being recognized for leading a bold transformation journey of the VA Loan Electronic Report Interface (VALERI). Working in collaboration with the VA’s Office of Information & Technology (OIT), Mr. London outlined a strategic roadmap - putting Veteran value as a core driver of every action - to innovate the business, use data driven decisions at every step, and collaborate with industry and government partners such as Ginnie Mae.


Homeownership remains at the core of the American dream. VA’s LGS helps Service members, Veterans and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners.  While LGY is not a lender to offer credit in more circumstances and at terms more favorable to the Veteran.  The net effect of this program is that more Veterans are getting the home of their dreams at a price they can afford.  Additionally, LGY offers grants to disabled Veterans to make adaptations to their housing to meet their needs.  Because LGY is a mission-based agency and views its home products as a benefit rather than a financial investment, it focuses on Veterans obtaining, adapting and just as importantly, retaining their homes.


Under Jeff London’s leadership, LGY replaced with the ability to scale and support the needs of tomorrow.  He required the system to maintain current functionality, be maintained by OIT and address some long-standing functionality challenges that had plagued LFY staff and industry.  LGY wanted to invest in a platform that could integrate across their business and provide an improved experience for mortgage servicer partners and enable the VA to remain at the forefront of the industry in serving the homeownership needs of veterans and their families.



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Using Salesforce’s software-as-a service capabilities, Mr. London’s team delivered a platform solution for case management, workflow optimization and data analytics that establishes the technology infrastructure LGY requires to more efficiently serve veteran homeowners and collaborate with industry partners.  The cloud-based solution is more agile, enabling VA to quickly and easily make changes, whether to improve service, for regulatory reasons, respond to legislative changes or make data-driven improvements to help more veterans stay in their homes.  It also allows for greater coordination of data within the VA.  The solution is Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO)-compliant, enabling the VBA to move to standardized reporting and data exchange formats that align to the mortgage industry.  Mr. London recognized the need for governance and integrating stakeholders.  He worked closely with OIT leadership to establish a governance structure and Executive Steering Committee to effectively transition from the old system to the new.  This resulted in early identification and mitigation of issues to deliver the desired outcomes.

Mr. London continuously engaged the team to reiterate the importance of the mission they were supporting - to help Veterans obtain, retain and adapt homes.  Benefits include:


  1. Decreased long-term costs and lower maintenance costs, freeing up capital for VA to further invest in improved services for Veterans

  2. Increased compliance and standardization improves quality and transparency, benefitting all parties to each loan transaction.

  3. A secure system, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA