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Jason Manstof is being recognized for his dedication to elevating the human experience as it applies to improving the federal government’s delivery of services to their customers.  By championing a human-centered view of customers as complex entities with unique needs, beliefs, and motivators, Jason has helped federal agencies reimagine how they see their customers.  Jason has helped agencies use data and innovative technologies to make targeted improvements that impact customers on a human level across multiple civilian agencies delivering services to millions of customers.  


Based on Jason’s passion for assisting federal agencies in reshaping their customer experience, he created a dedicated Customer Strategy & Applied Design (CS&AD) practice within Deloitte.  This practice  brings experts on topics ranging from human-centered design to CX measurement to business strategy.  Jason’s passion has spread to the many practitioners who now serve 40+ government clients doing a wide range of projects that enable  agencies to deliver improved service to the customers. 


Jason has led the strategy and design practice to a mission to elevate the human experience, a campaign to expand the definition of customer by taking a holistic, ecosystem-based, people-first approach to design and improvement.  Under Jason’s guidance, practitioners treat customers as complex entities that cannot be entirely captured in anonymous and aggregated data sets.  Treating customers as individuals with unique characteristics allows more informed analysis and insights that ultimately drive a superior customer and human experience.  This effort to elevate the human experience also addresses improving employee experience, supported by the notion that happy employees deliver customers with superior service.  


Jason played a vital role in working with the US Postal Service to stand up a dedicated CX office that integrates data and analytics into the agency’s delivery of service to millions of customers annually.  As an advocate for understanding your customers, Jason was a major advocate in bringing the customer’s voice to the center of decision-making at USPS.  Since its launch, USPS has collected nearly 4.4 million surveys from customers.  These insights make it possible for USPS to enable and empower the frontline to understand what matters to customers and what’s needed to deliver an excellent customer experience.


Other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security agencies and TSA pre-check passenger journey to improve the flow of passengers; improve the lives of current military members and veterans.  Jason is an active thought leader in the federal CX space, and has published several  articles on the importance of CX, pillars of CX and corresponding benefits, and how federal agencies can understand and respond to new CX legislation.





Customer Strategy and Applied Design,


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