Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition Program


The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition program relies on data that is critical to keeping the government's information technology (IT) infrastructure operational. The Transition Inventory and Reporting team manages 30+ million records for 220+ agencies and works tirelessly to ensure accurate, efficient reporting. The Team is responsible for maintaining the data records that are the vital foundation for accurate transition from GSA’s expiring telecommunications contracts to the replacement contract vehicle, EIS. The Team demonstrates a dedication and commitment to delivering work products that are the cornerstone of intergovernmental collaboration within the EIS Transition program. 


The Team initiated more robust, detailed data from 9 million records to over 30 million to make it even easier for customer agencies and their industry partners to get customized reports for precisely identifying requirements and potential gaps. The Team partnered with agencies’ acquisition support staff to ensure they had the most effective access to this data to order over $19B of replacement services to allow agencies across the three branches of government and many smaller commissions and Native American Tribes to continue to perform their missions without interruption or degradation. 


As the EIS Transition program proceeds, federal agencies will achieve the benefits of transitioning their services to EIS and realize savings up to 26% to benefit the American taxpayer. Furthermore, Inventory and Reporting are critical to helping agencies ensure their services get successfully transitioned without interruption of critical mission operations such as alarm lines, emergency communications, critical citizen services, and robust cyber security initiatives, including the OMB Memo M-22-09 on Zero-Trust. 


These are services that impact the lives of citizens and their trust in their government. The Team’s work products are the cornerstone of the EIS Transition program, yet they are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. 


Team Lead,
Transition Inventory and Reporting Team,

U.S. General Services Administration