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As a psychologist with over 30 years of experience in VA women’s health leadership, Dr. Hayes has dedicated her entire career to advancing care for women Veterans. She has successfully advocated for expansion of Women’s Health resources to meet the needs of women Veterans at the VHA, VA and Congressional level. Dr. Hayes has been invited to testify before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and frequently is called upon to address issues brought by Veteran Service Organizations and other stakeholders.  


Over the last ten years, Dr. Hayes has built a program office with three focus areas, including: women's health education, reproductive health and comprehensive health and expanded the central office workforce to match the growing population of women Veterans VA serves.Under her’ leadership, the number of women using VHA healthcare has more than tripled to over 600,000 today, and the total number of women accessing VA services each year is now over one million. Today, every VA medical has at least two designated women health providers, as do 91% of the VA Community clinics with over 7800 providers and nurses trained in women’s health. 


Policies Dr. Hayes has developed have resulted in provision of comprehensive health to women Veterans so now more than 85% of women are assigned to specially trained and experienced Women’s Health-Primary Care Providers. She has led the cultural transformation in how VHA delivers healthcare for women Veterans and deserves every recognition.


Chief Officer, Office of Women's Health, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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