Cynthia (Cindi) Clark is being recognized for dedication to improving access, security, and ease to systems and programs that support Veterans and their families.  As the current Director of Program Delivery, Ms. Clark has been instrumental in launching and maintaining four Army case management systems, 3 Air Force case management systems, a DoD Suicide Prevention case management system, Army Community service resource portal, and a Navy Case Management System, among other programs, bringing information and assistance to the military. As access to many web-based systems can be difficult to navigate, Ms. Clark and her team work to create an effortless and manageable system that is often accessible to the public. Over the years this team, under the guidance of Ms. Clark, has worked to expand digital services offerings to include non- profit efforts as well. Currently, they are working to improve ease and accessibility to the National Association for Rural Mental Health website, a nonprofit which provides advocacy for those in rural populations across the United States.


Ms. Clark’s impressive career, spanning over three decades, has created technological programs and interactive online spaces that allow for complex systems within the government and military to function at the highest capacity. Under Ms. Clark’s leadership, Three Wire has become known as a leader through its technological approach to service delivery, engagement, and case management, and has demonstrated the ways integrated maintenance and improvement of systems can prove effective in reaching these underserved populations and break down the barriers of access. Several of these projects have built a reach of over 600,000+ individuals to a site. However, it is not just her championship of attention to detail, but the dedication to seeing a project through and to improving the experience for the general public. 



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As an Army military spouse, Ms. Clark has firsthand experience with the systems that she is working on, as a front-end user for her family. When she is designing, fixing, or maintaining a program for the public she does so with a twofold approach. Not only does she look at the functionality of a program, but also the user on the other end. She listens to the public, builds on her own experiences and those of her family, to create the best product possible for those that need it the most. For over 15 years, Ms. Clark was an adult learning curriculum development specialist and has used that training to teach and learn from those around her. Every decision is made with the overall team and public in mind, not just to reach a deadline. With 30 years of customer service experience, it is always the public that wins when Ms. Clark is working on a project. 

Through her work designing programs for the military, Ms. Clark understood that program building has many challenges, and therefore worked to see a project through. When Ms. Clark began on Army OneSource it was on its first generation of the website, now three generations later, she is still leading the charge on maintaining this program. That level of consistency is what creates the best possible outcome for the public. Effortlessly managing a team of over 16, Ms. Clark does not allow projects to go stagnant, but rather compounds on experience to create the best and most integrated solutions for those that are using it. Equally significant would be her second generation work on the AFFIRST case management system, which services the entire Air Force. Ms. Clark has been on this project for over a decade, continuing to demand excellence in the process. 

Currently, Ms. Clark also works to develop and maintain a case management system that provides holistic wellness and behavioral health needs for Veterans across the nation. She, and her team, maintain this Advisor Outcomes Platform which provides ongoing coaching and supportive services 24/7/365. Since its creation over five years ago, with constant use, there has been no lapse in service and therefore Veterans and their families have access to crisis care and supportive services whenever they need them. This is the perfect example of the partnership between high-tech and high-touch, where human solutions meet technology solutions are driven by a motivated and dedicated leader. 

Ms. Clark is currently working to develop and expand her services to provide even more support to the Veteran population and to all those individuals who serve. She is utilizing lessons learned developing Three Wire Systems’ VetAdvisor program to offer the same high-tech, high-touch approach to integrated behavioral health and wellness to increase resiliency in civilian populations that serve in high-stress professions (EMT, police, crisis care, firefighters, educators, etc.). She is once again going above and beyond in helping rural and at-risk populations access the behavioral health and wellness services they need to thrive. 

In addition, Ms. Clark, as a military spouse, has moved all around the world, yet maintained a commitment to education and training. Has contributed thousands of hours to volunteer organizations and has consistently chosen employment positions to better use education and skills to improve the community. She is a nationally registered and licensed emergency medical technician, a former police officer, has one the Mayer Award for outstanding service, and has supported military family programs and student centers throughout her career. 


Clark supervises a team of 16+ employees located around the United States. They run 15 projects at a time with the reach of 600,000 + users to a site. With case management systems, they have maintained hundreds of thousands of records and provided service to all branches of the military- including family support. More importantly, many of their systems provide ongoing care support to Veterans who have seen a 25% of whom increased their quality of life satisfaction score after using the system to meet with a care coordinator. Recently, Ms. Clark was promoted to expand her role to service delivery in the areas of behavioral health and non-military projects as well as continuing to serve Veterans and all at-risk uniformed personnel.