Bridget Fields started her Service to the Citizen as a Peace Corps Volunteer, spreading compassion and hope to everyone she worked with.


Making complex concepts not only accessible but replicable is what Bridget has brought to her career as an Innovation Adoption Lead at GSA's Technology Transformation Services. Joining 18F in July of 2017 as an Administrative Assistant, Bridget quickly established herself as a valuable resource to everyone on the team. That was primarily because she generated and created resources that the teams at TTS used to modernize IT across the public sector.


After nearly 2 years worth of work, creating a streamlined and scalable process for managing all of the innovative acquisitions CoE assisted with, Bridget was once again tasked to create a path for others to follow, being asked to join the Innovation Adoption team. Tasked with developing a way in which best practices that are developed throughout the federal government are consolidated and distributed in an accessible fashion, Bridget's skillset has finally been opened up to civil servants outside of TTS.


Whether inspiring a complete rethink of an existing modernization plan or simply picking up on ways in which to run successful acquisition workshops that help cross-functional teams coalesce around achievable objectives, Bridget has made it easier for public sector staff and contractors to develop then deliver world-class service the general public has come to depend on, especially since the onset of the pandemic.


Bridget is one of those rare few who understand how to move within the rules and regulations that must be followed before any of the hacking can begin. Simply put, without Bridget's efforts, the public would not receive top-quality digital services as quickly as TTS and others in GSA are developing them today.


Bridget Fields Headshot (Flag).jpg


Innovation Adoption Lead,
Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Technology Transformation Service (TTS),
U.S. General Services Administration