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Taxpayer Advocate Service

Bonnie Fuentes has an unparalleled record of achievement during her almost 47 years of service with the IRS. As a staunch advocate for taxpayers and taxpayer rights, Bonnie found her passion and excelled within the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), bringing with her 40 years of experience in several other areas within the IRS. She was able to leverage the knowledge she gained throughout her IRS career to identify gaps or areas where improvements for our nations' taxpayers were needed.  Because of her intricate knowledge of IRS processes and systems, Bonnie effectively advocates for change across the IRS, which ultimately impacts millions of taxpayers. 


Within the last two years alone, she helped lead TAS’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic where TAS was able to get its employees telework-ready in short order so that they could continue to serve and advocate for our nations' taxpayers. When much of the IRS was shutdown and unavailable to answer calls, TAS employees were answering live taxpayer calls, helping point them in the right direction, or opening cases where we could advocate for them further.  TAS is a very small part of the IRS, but the services it has been able to provide during the pandemic under Bonnie's leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Bonnie also played a large role on the IRS’s Bargaining Team for the 2022 National Agreement Negotiations where she worked tirelessly with other IRS Executives and members of the IRS Commissioner’s Office to negotiate a new 6-year contract with the National Treasury Employees’ Union. Bonnie has always led her areas within TAS while never losing sight of the larger agency (IRS), and never losing sight of the taxpayer and taxpayer rights.As an executive in TAS, she has worked collaboratively with other executives to improve services for taxpayers, and she is well-respected by her peers across the IRS.Bonnie is a lifelong public servant, and has exemplified “dedication to service” throughout her career with the IRS.


Bonnie Fuentes.heic


Executive Director of Case Advocacy, Intake and Technical Support
Internal Revenue Service

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