Betsy Steele serves as the Federal Risk and Authorization Program’s (FedRAMP) Manager for Training and Outreach, leading all efforts to reach and engage stakeholders - through various mediums like blogs, videos, events, and training. The impact of her work through training and outreach leads directly to empowering agencies to use modern cloud technologies, with an emphasis on security and protection of federal information.


Through Betsy’s leadership, she’s been able to transform the way FedRAMP pivoted due to COVID-19 to provide important connections and learning opportunities to suit an entirely virtual audience. She led the development and design of FedRAMP’s first in-depth virtual training specific to agency stakeholders to increase their understanding of FedRAMP topics through hands-on exercises in addition to the development of custom agency and specific stakeholder training. 


Through her leadership, the FedRAMP PMO launched the FedRAMP YouTube channel as a one-stop source for quick, simple, informative videos on FedRAMP tutorials and program updates. The channel provides another medium for stakeholders to understand FedRAMP and the complex authorization process, in addition to making information more accessible to all stakeholders.


Betsy’s management and leadership style empower her teams to strive for excellence in all things and to always hold quality security and the program’s customers as its most critical goals. She provides her teams and partners across government and industry with an important example of how service delivery can and should occur in government. She strives for excellence in all she does, and always brings her teams’ efforts - large or small - back to their direct impact on the American public.


Often, the private sector’s first interaction with the government is with FedRAMP. Betsy has made it a priority to understand the needs of the program’s customers to tailor and design outreach and training efforts to the needs of each customer to ensure understanding of the program at every level. Betsy leads teams to have a direct impact on reducing the time it takes for both industry and government to successfully achieve a FedRAMP Authorization, which in turn allows for federal agencies to use these mission-critical, secure cloud solutions more efficiently.




Program Manager for Training and Outreach, Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)
Federal Acquisition Service (FAS),
Technology Transformation Services (TTS),
U.S. General Services Administration