Anne Corcoran is an award winner for the 2021 Service to the Citizen Award because of her outstanding work in publishing information for citizens and taxpayers on 


While Anne strives every day to deliver clear, concise, plain language content on, her work during the implementation of the 3rd round of economic impact stimulus was particularly noteworthy. As Congress deliberated the legislation before passage, Anne closely followed its progress through the legislative process, and when it became clear that the legislation would pass, she volunteered to lead the publishing effort. 


When the legislation was passed, she was ready to launch directly into the publishing effort. She had assembled a team of other publishers to work with her in carrying out the mission. This included continuous publishing work throughout the first weekend following the President’s signing of the bill, as well as ongoing efforts into the following two weeks as citizens accessed to learn whether they were eligible for a stimulus payment, how they would receive them, and most importantly for many when they would receive the payment. 


Through Anne’s efforts and the collaboration with publishing partners, citizens were able to access the most current and accurate information available regarding the economic impact stimulus. This information explained concisely and clearly who was eligible to receive a payment, how the payment would be made available, and when it might be expected.


Anne epitomized public service as she spoke with her team and management about the opportunity we had to serve fellow citizens during this time of tremendous need. She is a highly accountable, positive, and productive public servant who works every day to improve the lives of American taxpayers. 




Senior Web Design,
Internal Revenue Service