Amira Boland is being recognized for her leadership and dedication to improving government services through the President’s Management Agenda.  While Amira has been involved in improving customer experience for several years, she continues to single handedly move the government closer to achieving that goal.  She has changed the conversation about government CX government-wide and for the government’s highest impact services.   Amira has a keen sense of how to make change in government.  She is leveraging her network across government as well as within the Office of Management and Budget to increase awareness on what CX is and why it’s important to the citizens, the government and the country.


Amira’s priorities are two fold.  First, she is working towards ensuring the CX remains a priority over time and secondly, she is working with the Highest Impact Service Providers (HISPs) across the government to increase their maturity in CX.  Through group training and agency deep dives, she is able to provide training and one-on-one advice.  In addition, agencies can talk through their self assessment and action plan to ensure they have addressed the critical issues.


As a result of the deep dive meetings with each of the 25 HISPs, she has designed solutions to address their challenges.  These solutions include the creation of Section 280 of A-11, Managing Customer Experience and Improving Service Delivery, to ensure agencies are collecting customer feedback to inform their programs; training on service design; and meeting the goals of their action plans.  Transforming the culture of government also involves increasing awareness at all levels within an agency on what CX is and the benefits.


Amira is unique in her understanding of CX based on her experience and expertise in behavioral psychology, data science and government operations.  She is a sought after speaker and expert in CX in government.